Song Notes:

SHAKE IT (The S.A. Way)

Pat and Michelle wrote Shake It (The S.A. Way) specifically for this project, which celebrates the 25th Anniversary of Twang Partners, Ltd. (please include link to Twang, which is We thank our friend, Tommy Trevino for partnering with us on this labor of love. We dedicate this project to our loyal fans and friends. We dedicate this project to you who come out to our gigs and dance the night away. We dedicate this project to you who appreciate good, live music played by real musicians. And, we dedicate this project to you who are new to the p.m. soul family. All of you are more than fans, you're our soul mates. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts. We wish you all the very best that this life has to offer. And, we thank God that you are in our lives. Peace be with you all! We hope you all enjoy it because "SHAKE IT" was created for YOU!

Can't Get It Back

Carl wrote this song (and Pat arranged it) quite a long time ago, in our Planet Soul days. Really great lyrics about being aware and thankful for the time and relationships that we have in this life. And reminding us that each second, minute, hour, day, year and person is precious and not to be taken for granted. You can't get them back when they're gone. When reviewing material for the "SHAKE IT" project, we realized that the song was a perfect fit.

"One And Only Love"

This song was written by Pat and Michelle many years ago with a different title and slightly different lyrics. Given an updated arrangement, lyrics and a new title, this song has always expressed our love and devotion to one another, and was therefore the obvious choice to unveil as our new project.  We hope it will help you to re-discover what the loves of your life mean to you.

Even though we, p.m. soul, are ultimately responsible for the final mix, I'd like to thank and acknowledge some people who offered help in that area.  They are all good friends and excellent musicians whose opinions I value greatly. Thanks guys! They are (in order of request for help by me):

Les Brockmann -
Mark Rubinstein -
Tommy Detamore -

"The Little Drummer Boy"

Here's how this version of The Little Drummer Boy came into being. I came up with this arrangement for our previous project, Planet Soul, as we used to do our own arrangements of Christmas songs for our December gigs. We have always wanted to do a Christmas CD and when we started this new music creation method, we agreed that we should do a Christmas song and we decided on The Little Drummer Boy. I'm not sure why but as I was working on it an old friend came to mind. This friend had a great influence on my musical thinking and my life in general, and it was my good fortune to have the opportunity to play music with him. And somehow, for about 25 years, we have kept in touch from time to time. Anyway, through the miracle of technology, I sent our tracks to him in Cleveland, OH. (via the internet) and he recorded his parts and sent everything back to me here in San Antonio, TX. (again, via the internet). The percussionist extraordinaire is Jamey Haddad and he's the "drummer boy" on the track. You should check out his site at

The moral of the story is that friends can last for a lifetime. Don't miss that blessing over something trivial. Embrace people's differences and remember, love never fails.

"Call On Me"

One of the bands that influenced Pat back in the day was Seawind. They were very accomplished musicians that happened to be Christians. They wrote great songs about their faith that could be viewed from many different perspectives. So honestly, we wrote Call On Me as we believe Jesus would write it to YOU. Remember, whatever you need, you can call on Him. He's our inspiration and our strength and as His followers, you can call on us, too.

P.S. This is also a proud moment for Pat and Michelle because our daughter, Mia sang some of the background harmonies on this song. And, it gets better. Mia was born with paralyzed vocal chords. The doctors told us she might never talk, little lone sing. Mia also now sings in the youth praise band (Tongues Of Fire) at our church, Oxford UMC. Glory to God! Now, who's report will you believe?

"Slap Happy"

Slap Happy was born out of a bass solo that I wrote for myself at church, on the gospel song Joyful, Joyful by Lauryn Hill from Sister Act II. That song is quite a bit faster but as I was coming up with my solo, it occurred to me that if my solo was played slower, it would make a nice song to groove and jam on. And, as my idea started to take shape, I kept hearing guitar in it. By "chance", it happened that an old friend of mine from my L.A. days, guitarist Mike Sims, was playing with legendary jazz pianist/vocalist Diane Schurr in Houston for a Christmas tree lighting ceremony. Michelle, Mia and I made the trip to Houston and I asked Mike to lay down some guitar tracks on our new song. He graciously agreed and the result of all our collaboration is Slap Happy. Hope you enjoy it. To God be the glory!